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Tube Bends

JC Weldfab are pleased to bring to you is a new website featuring our on site CNC tube bender.

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Hydraflow Clam Clamps Now Available From JC Weldfab

Hydraflow clamps are compatible with Wiggins ferrules however the clamps have a built in secondary safety locking device, combined with this the clamps have their electrical bonding wire incorporated within the clamshell halves which not only improves the looks and integrity of the clamp but also gives increased mechanical performance. We have these available for next day delivery for tube sizes from 0.5″ up to 4″. Currently used in F1, BTCC and Aerospace applications. See our shop for full range and pricing.

AdministratorHydraflow Clam Clamps Now Available From JC Weldfab
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Alloy Wheel Repairs @ JC Weldfab

Here at JC Weldfab we have repaired over 150 alloy wheels since the birth of the company back in September 2010.

We are seeing an increase in damaged alloy wheels in recent months and want you to know we offer a fast and reliable repair service! Due to the nature of low profile tyres and the poor state of today’s roads it is becoming increasingly common to see punctures due to cracks on the inside face of alloy wheels. Here at JC Weldfab we repair wheels at a standard cost of £35.00+VAT. It is then a further £10.00+vat for each additional crack.

Feel free to call us on 01933 274579 for a fast turnaround to get you back on the road!

AdministratorAlloy Wheel Repairs @ JC Weldfab
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An upgrade on the original…

This custom made TZB Yamaha radiator was replicated in aluminium for a customer who had a leak in his original radiator. Due to new advances in automotive technology this radiator’s presentation and performance will be more effective than the original. At JC Weldfab we can also produce radiators for the TZA AND TZW models. Contact us for more information.

Custom made TZB Yamaha Radiator

Custom made TZB Yamaha Radiator

AdministratorAn upgrade on the original…
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Audi RS4s, Hear Me ROAR!!!

It has been a very busy couple of months for us at JC Weldfab, undertaking a lot of work for the increasingly popular show car scene.

The two stunning Audi RS4s of Vik Nagi and Rob Goodwin have been at our Wellingborough headquarters for full stainless exhaust systems. As always in order to stand out from the crowd sometimes you need to have something slightly different from everybody else. That’s where JC Weldfab come into their own and we had the pleasure of developing these exhaust systems, which we have been told on many occasions now transform the car in sports mode to sound “like a NASCAR”.

Going into more detail, working from the front, we decided to remove the pre-cats in the newly made custom downpipes but keeping the secondary cats in their normal position. From there the merge pipes are fabricated untilising a smooth transition of two 45 degree bends (This allows the two banks to balance pressure). The system then carries on in 2.5″ stainless tube, where it then takes off to either side and into custom made back boxes, using valves just prior to the tailpipes which plug into the standard vacuum system which operates the “sports mode”. This beautiful exhaust system is finished off wonderfully using our custom made CNC machined stabiliser bars, available in black and gold. (Other colours can be made available upon request)

The whole JC Weldfab team are as happy of this custom exhaust system as the customers are, Jonathan commented “We’re very proud to have been able to develop this unique exhaust system, it really does stand out from the crowd and the noise is just unreal!” Michael is also over the moon and followed by saying, “It’s a truly unique exhaust sound and is proving to have created lots of interest judging by the amount of interest we are getting!”

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AdministratorAudi RS4s, Hear Me ROAR!!!
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Welcome to the team Jamie!

JC Weldfab welcomes our newest employee, Jamie Brown!

After months of searching we are delighted to announce our newest recruitment.

Jamie is 23 years old and already has an impressive background in the fabrication and welding industry. With an undeniable talent and huge passion for the automotive scene, Jamie has fitted straight in and is getting well and truly stuck in to the job here at the JC Weldfab HQ!

Jon and Michael welcome you to the team and look forward to working with you for many years to come!


AdministratorWelcome to the team Jamie!
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JC Weldfab and Group C Le Mans Car Monsters!

Phil Stott Motorsport, based in Staffordshire, are a professional race team specializing in Group C Le Mans cars.

JC Weldfab have had the pleasure of helping the team with manufacturing parts for the Nissan ZX Turbo which they are rebuilding. It began with a trip to the workshop to discuss initial requirements, including exhaust manifold modifications. Since then the JC Weldfab team have been thoroughly involved and have enjoyed making items such as an inlet manifold, oil tanks and most recently front and rear suspension. Due to these race cars being very rare all parts were made to a supplied pattern, jigged and then manufactured to the highest standards.

Phil Stott Motorsport have been racing at the fantastic Silverstone Classic event this weekend and Michael and Jon visited the team on Saturday afternoon. “These cars are absolutely stunning and blisteringly quick” beamed Jon from the Silverstone Wing Pit Lane. Michael continued, “I’m told back in there era they were running 1400bhp in qualifying trim, awesome! Good luck to Phil and the team for the rest of the season”


AdministratorJC Weldfab and Group C Le Mans Car Monsters!
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Subaru Water Radiator/Oil Cooler Combo!

Zen Performance approached us at JC Weldfab to develop a water radiator and oil cooler combination pack for the Subaru Impreza.

This is something that is turning into a popular upgrade whereas space is at a premium and has also been used more recently in Marc Kemp’s time attack Evo 8. Once tuned these engines can suffer with high oil temperatures and it is hard to find the space to fit a standard “off the shelf” oil cooler where it would get sufficient air flow so this modification works very effectively. With core technology continually being improved, the water/oil cores are brazed as one unit with a splitter in place to ensure both compartments stay completely separate.

In this case we used a 32mm deep core with 16 fins per inch and utilized the new internally turbulated oil tubes for the oil cooler. The end tanks were expertly fabricated to copy the existing standard cooler and all other mounting bosses and fan shroud bosses in the same place so it would be a direct replacement with no other modifications needed.

Temperature sensor bosses were also added tho this prototype so Paul at Zen Performance can now put it through it’s paces and collect all relevant data to show this is an important and performance enhancing upgrade!


AdministratorSubaru Water Radiator/Oil Cooler Combo!
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Panic Link Motorsport Update

Marc Kemp of Panic Link Motorsport is having a successful season so far in the 2012 Time Attack Series.

Having already helped Marc earlier this year we were delighted to be involved again in his mid season updates. With the search for more power ever present, the first change was with the exhaust system. High temperature filler was once again used in the silencer boxes, however this time we manufactured a slightly larger centre box and also a further 2 silencers towards the rear, this time making them re-packable in case the need ever came whilst at the track to meet further strict noise regulations. It was a beautifully made system with twin exits, one either side sitting prior to the rear wheels.

The final change was regarding the boost pipes. Having made these along with the intercooler earlier this year we used Wiggins clamps on almost the entire pipework, the only joint without was onto the throttle body. As the boost levels were increased the decision was made to Wiggins onto the throttle body for ultra reliability.

Marc is currently lying in 4th position in the Club Challenge 4WD class and we wish him the best of luck for the rest of the year!


AdministratorPanic Link Motorsport Update
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Formula 3 Team Choose JC Weldfab

Silverstone based Formula 3 team Performace Racing are the latest professional race team to choose JC Weldfab for their fabrication and welding work.

Performace Racing will be running 3 cars in this years German Formula 3 Championship and asked the guys at JC Weldfab to undertake some work to help them get prepared for another successful year.

The jobs included re-working the exhaust tailpipes as they were originally slightly too close to the bodywork, repairing an upright and re-working the water radiators to twin pass.

The main job was to make a new tyre trolley to accomadate the 3rd car, this was made similar to their original trolleys but with a few extras including a mounting point to house the nitrogen bottle, an aluminium tray to lay some plastic boxes for other spare parts and and aluminium panel which slots onto the top tube to allow the engineers to put there laptops. The trolley was beautifully made from stainless steel and was mirror polished to finish.

Michael was very happy with the end product, commenting “We believe there is a healthy market for manufacturing pit equipment for professional race teams so it was great to be approached by Performance Racing and we are confident it will work great whiltst also showcasing the quality and diversity of our work. JC Weldfab wish Performace Racing all the best for the 2012 season”.


AdministratorFormula 3 Team Choose JC Weldfab
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