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JC Weldfab and Group C Le Mans Car Monsters!

Phil Stott Motorsport, based in Staffordshire, are a professional race team specializing in Group C Le Mans cars.

JC Weldfab have had the pleasure of helping the team with manufacturing parts for the Nissan ZX Turbo which they are rebuilding. It began with a trip to the workshop to discuss initial requirements, including exhaust manifold modifications. Since then the JC Weldfab team have been thoroughly involved and have enjoyed making items such as an inlet manifold, oil tanks and most recently front and rear suspension. Due to these race cars being very rare all parts were made to a supplied pattern, jigged and then manufactured to the highest standards.

Phil Stott Motorsport have been racing at the fantastic Silverstone Classic event this weekend and Michael and Jon visited the team on Saturday afternoon. “These cars are absolutely stunning and blisteringly quick” beamed Jon from the Silverstone Wing Pit Lane. Michael continued, “I’m told back in there era they were running 1400bhp in qualifying trim, awesome! Good luck to Phil and the team for the rest of the season”


AdministratorJC Weldfab and Group C Le Mans Car Monsters!