Alloy Wheel Repairs

Here at JC Weldfab we have repaired over 300 alloy wheels in the last 2 years alone! Why replace a wheel when it can be repaired.

At JC Weldfab we are able to repair cracked alloy wheels saving you the cost and aggravation of finding one new wheel.

With modern run flat tyres and pot holed road it is very common to see cracks on the inside on an alloy wheel, usually this is only spotted when having new tyres fitted. We are able to offer wheel repairs turned around within the hour, our 6 step process offers a strong solution to a common problem.

Along side the wheel repairs we are also able to machine up inserts to weld up bolt holes should you wish to have wheels re-machined to suit a different mounting application.

We do not offer a painting service in house, however we are able outsource both paint and powder-coating of wheels should you require.

Single crack £35+vat

Additional cracks £10+vat each

As about our Diamond service, 60minute turn around starting from an additional £15+vat.

Welded ready for machining

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Plugs fitted

Plugs fitted

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