Computer Aided Design:

Design Work

With the power of Solidworks we can digitally bring your idea’s to life. If your bespoke ideas are hard to explain, sketched or already a product that you wish to modify we can help.


With Solidworks’s 3D modeling software we can create/recreate what you are looking for.This is especially useful if you are currently unsure of what you want and would like to see a model so you can see if its what you imagined. If it isn’t we can always edit the product model so it is what you want.


We need engineering drawings for the product can you create them?

Yes, Solidworks allows us to create 3D models which can then be transformed into 2D drawings later. We often use these 2D drawings to create your products so if you require you can speak to someone in our office and arrange for a drawing to be sent.






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