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Panic Link Motorsport Update

Marc Kemp of Panic Link Motorsport is having a successful season so far in the 2012 Time Attack Series.

Having already helped Marc earlier this year we were delighted to be involved again in his mid season updates. With the search for more power ever present, the first change was with the exhaust system. High temperature filler was once again used in the silencer boxes, however this time we manufactured a slightly larger centre box and also a further 2 silencers towards the rear, this time making them re-packable in case the need ever came whilst at the track to meet further strict noise regulations. It was a beautifully made system with twin exits, one either side sitting prior to the rear wheels.

The final change was regarding the boost pipes. Having made these along with the intercooler earlier this year we used Wiggins clamps on almost the entire pipework, the only joint without was onto the throttle body. As the boost levels were increased the decision was made to Wiggins onto the throttle body for ultra reliability.

Marc is currently lying in 4th position in the Club Challenge 4WD class and we wish him the best of luck for the rest of the year!


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