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Subaru Water Radiator/Oil Cooler Combo!

Zen Performance approached us at JC Weldfab to develop a water radiator and oil cooler combination pack for the Subaru Impreza.

This is something that is turning into a popular upgrade whereas space is at a premium and has also been used more recently in Marc Kemp’s time attack Evo 8. Once tuned these engines can suffer with high oil temperatures and it is hard to find the space to fit a standard “off the shelf” oil cooler where it would get sufficient air flow so this modification works very effectively. With core technology continually being improved, the water/oil cores are brazed as one unit with a splitter in place to ensure both compartments stay completely separate.

In this case we used a 32mm deep core with 16 fins per inch and utilized the new internally turbulated oil tubes for the oil cooler. The end tanks were expertly fabricated to copy the existing standard cooler and all other mounting bosses and fan shroud bosses in the same place so it would be a direct replacement with no other modifications needed.

Temperature sensor bosses were also added tho this prototype so Paul at Zen Performance can now put it through it’s paces and collect all relevant data to show this is an important and performance enhancing upgrade!


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