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Time Attack Evo 8

Marc Kemp will be racing in the Time Attack Series in 2012 aboard a Mitsubishi Evo 8 in the Club 4WD class and is looking forward to a successful year.

Having already come to JC Weldfab for a T45 roll cage in 2011, Marc returned to us for a custom made intercooler, boost pipes and exhaust system. Jon, Michael and apprentice Sam all visited Tractive Solutions in Leicester, where the Evo is being prepared, to measure up for all the work to be undertaken at our Wellingborough based workshop.

First up was the intercooler, the core being manufactured to fit perfectly in the space available in the bumper whilst also ensuring it was big enough to handle the volume of air it will be exposed to. The end tanks were expertly fabricated to optimise air flow and were fully TIG welded.

Aluminium boost pipes were next up and attention to detail was critical to optimise air flow and make sure there was plenty of clearance. Marc experienced problems in 2011 with boost pipes popping off so we reccommeded using Wiggins clamps instead of silicon hose and jubilee clips, as the Wiggins clamps would prove ultra reliable as proven by such teams racing in World Rally and Formula 1.

Finally the exhaust had to be made from the manifold back as a tubular manifold had already been fitted. The downpipe had to be fabricated, and as space was at a premium it had be carefully made to ensure there wouldn’t be any clearance issues. A flexi joint was then welded to the downpipe to allow for any movement , then the system followed down the centre into a custom made silencer box, packed with a specific sound deadening material that would handle the heat it will be exposed to. It was then finished very neatly with a side exit tailpipe. As with all the JC Weldfab made exhaust systems this was fully TIG welded and “back purged” to optimise strength and also a smooth inner weld for perfect gas flow.

The first round of Time Attack is this weekend (5th May) at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire.

Michael, Jon and Sam wish Marc the best of luck in 2012 and beyond!


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